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Avi Unfiltered

Sep 28, 2021

Avishai is giving you tips and tricks to help you protect yourself from toxic people.  She's sharing how to transmute negative energies, what to do during Mercury Retrograde, and how to boost immunity with holistic methods.


Programs + Resources

Sep 21, 2021

What would it feel like to be free in this world without a care in the world of what people think?  Avishai is showing you how to take up space and feel more in enough.  She is showing you how to get over social anxiety and get out of your anxious comfort zone.   

Changing your perspective in life's situations is a...

Sep 14, 2021

Do you remember how it felt when you had not a care in the world?  Well Avishai is here to remind you and refresh your memory of what wholeness feels like.  Grab a mocktail, sit back, and relax as she shares an in-depth, relevant conversation with an Uber driver.  Discover ways to regenerate your cells, get smoothie...

Sep 7, 2021

Virgo Season is here full force and it's time to pay attention to finite details of your life.  Avishai is giving you an inside look as to what the Zodiac Sign Virgo is and how to utilize it in your own life.  She is sharing the best way to reflect and become self aware to progress in life.  Avishai is also taking you...