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Avi Unfiltered

Jan 3, 2023

Avishai is talking about how chosen people are misunerstood and how people are committed to misunderstanding you.  She talks about how to navigate the world in an authentic way with ease, how not to take everything personal, and how to develop a thick skin.


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Dec 27, 2022

Avishai is showing you how to work with universal energies so you can elevate your mind, body, spirit, and soul.  She's giving you the inside scoop on tools that can help support your journey to self actualization.  Your shadow side doesn't have to rule your life and neither does fear of change.  Take accountability of...

Dec 21, 2022

You can feel safe and vulnerable once again when you implement these tips that Avishai is giving.  There is a root to self-sabotage that will be uncovered so you can move forward.  Work with the Jupiter in Aries energy to accomplish your goals.

Work With Avishai:

Dec 13, 2022

Avishai's endometriosis video went viral on TikTok and her viewers had many questions.  She's answering as many as she can in today's episode.  As a survivor of endometriosis she will be sharing her story and giving you tips that were implemented that helped her reverse the disease.  It's time to heal, take control of...

Dec 6, 2022

Drinking plants has never felt better with this new found information Avishai is providing!  Enjoy the taste of chloryphyll even more after hearing about its innate benefits sure to keep you at your healthiest.  Should you drink flowers?  This is the question.  Find out if they can help or harm you.  People love giving...